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Updated in October 2022

Top priority/most wanted in italics


  • Gas (Kwik Trip, Speedway)
  • Target
  • Amazon
  • Costco
  • Any restaurants
  • Home Depot
  • Money towards clothes (I really like Zyia)
  • Money towards down payment on a house


  • Cards Against Muggles

Books (okay to buy in good used condition)

  • Mary McMillan: The Mother of Physical Therapy (Mary Farrell and Marta Mobley)
  • Love Without Borders (Angela Braniff)
  • Almost Home (Christine Gleason)
  • The Vanishing Half (Brit Bennett)
  • Harry Potter: Illustrated Editions (JK Rowling) - Chamber of Secrets


  • Broadway in Chicago show (WICKED is top priority)
  • Cards/Cubs tickets
  • Blues hockey tickets in Chicago
  • A night away (babysitting included)


  • 16 oz Tervis Tumbler cups (different colors or designs)
  • Pads for our camping cots

Please note: I do NOT need coffee, tea, mugs, or anything related to that, I have enough to last a lifetime, haha!